Thursday, August 24, 2017

Summer - where did you go?

Where did July go, and honestly August for that matter?!?!

It felt like as soon as we celebrated the 4th of July, we turned a corner and were into August. Crazy, how fast this summer has flown by. This week is our last week of summer for the kids and I, Monday school is back in full swing. Ugh.

The beginning of July was pretty normal day in and day out routines for us. During the days that were warm or hot, the kids and I spent a lot of our afternoon time out by the pool and our evenings most days of the week were spent at TKD for Landen. Sammy, of course, has uprooted our lives a bit as well and much of our days were spent watching her with a careful eye as we navigated the potty training stage and the "put everything in her mouth" stage. She's kind of exhausting at times, and I have to remind the kids that everyone in the family wanted a puppy so everyone needs to contribute to helping out with her! She's done really good with potty training and knock-on-wood, seems to be fully trained now so that is a blessing. Now, if we can just get her biting with those razor sharp puppy teeth under control and to sleep longer during the night, that will be great!

I have to remind myself that the last time I had a puppy, I was younger, kidless and probably had a lot more patience. This go-around is a bit more challenging with a family to care for, a household to run and with 2 little kids that leave all kinds of goodies and trinkets out and within Sammy's reach. Of course my patience runs very thin too. Just as July was here and gone in the blink of an eye, this puppy stage will fly on by too and God willing, we will have many years with Sammy as a really great dog.

She's already growing up so fast from the 5 lb puppy we brought home 2 months ago:

The best part of July, and a time of the year we look forward to every year was our yearly camping trip with Jeff's side of the family. This year was by far one of my most favorite years. The joy we witnessed in the kids was unforgettable. They looked forward to camping for so long leading up to the trip as they were so excited to be able to play with their cousins Makayla and Carter. Olivia has been penpals with Makayla over the summer months and the letters she'd write her over and over about being so excited to play with her on camping were precious. Beings the kids are older now too, it was more relaxed to just let them be kids, run and play and venture from one campsite to the other. They had so much fun and were very sad when the trip was over and the days of fun in the sun spent with their cousins came to an end.

During the 10 day camping trip, the kids swam,

water skiied (Olivia was bound and determined to get up and ski) I sat out in the water with her for a very long time, no matter how many falls, how many failed attempts, she was determined to do it and she did! I could not have been more proud of her or any more happy that her determination in life will help her greatly with all the bumps she will face along the way) Deedle - you rock:

and I must say, Landen with his scuba goggles, and absolutely cute skiing posture melted my heart, I absolutely want to bottle up that cuteness and hold onto it forever:

they tubed, and tubed and tubed some more:

enjoyed time at the sandbar,

tried some fishing,

and had all kinds of fun with Carter and Makayla:

The weekend after we got back from camping, we had Em, Mike and the kids over so that Olivia's wish of having a pool party with Makayla could come true:

As July turned into August, we enjoyed a few pool days, campfires at home on the weekends and the kids are training to be ninja warriors someday on their new monkey bars that we built. 😉

It's been a fun summer, we are so sad that it is winding down and school is right around the corner. Olivia has a week long dance camp this week, then school and fall activities will be back in full swing.

Olivia is doing pre-competition dance this year and will have a spring recital and her dance line will compete in 2 competitions this year. Landen has found his niche in tae kwon do and will be continuing his TKD and sparring classes this next year and he also  made the TKD competition team so he will be travelling to different tournaments throughout the state this upcoming school year as well. With school and activities, life is sure to be busy and will definitely keep on flying by.

Healthwise update: Olivia has been doing well. She's been working really hard over the summer to eat as much as she can while running her g-tube each night to get in as many calories/day as she can to get her weight up as we head into the next cold/flu season. One of her ear tubes dislodged so we went into ENT last week to have that checked out and removed. The other tube is out too but we will leave that one to work it's way out of her ear on its own and/or head back in 6 months to have her hearing tested and the tube removed if needed and then discuss if/when she will need to have ear tubes placed again. She's at the age now where most kids outgrow the need for them so I hope that will be the case for her too. Her ENT is awesome in that he makes the kids prove they need ear tubes rather than just repeatedly put them through surgery to replace them.

Olivia also continues to participate in her CF research study, she has appointments and tests for that coming up next week. She has her yearly, oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) and annual CF studies in September. As her last years OGTT came back in the "iffy" zone, I look ahead to this next OGTT with nervous anticipation. Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes (CFRD) is something we know is likely in Olivia's future, so we will deal with it and adjust as needed, but I'd rather not have it rear its head yet. We shall see. Otherwise, Olivia is a happy, bubbly, determined little 7 year old, soon to be 8 year old. She loves life, is a people pleaser and is determined to do anything and everything she sets her mind to. She is an amazing girl.

And with that summer is coming to an end, it was a great one with many fond memories to hold on to.

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