Thursday, July 6, 2017

4 weeks of summer - June 2017

Summer comes and goes so darn fast, I wish we could bottle up its glory and save it for the long winter months. . .

Our last day of school was on June 8th, and we were so very ready for summer. We started off our first weekend of summer with Olivia's dance recital. Olivia worked so hard all year long and was super excited for her special day to show all what she had learned over the year. She did a great job in the recitals and had a very fun, albeit, tiring day!

The following day we had a surprise visit, from one of my very favorites, Cole! He was back in MN for his mother's birthday so we were blessed to spend a few hours catching up with Cole and his mom Jean. It was super special as our whole family adores Cole. The kids even made him a few drawings to take back home to hang on the refrigerator of his new home. Thanks for visiting Cole, it was great to see you!

The following week, Olivia had her quarterly CF appointment. It went pretty well in terms of her lung function so that was super great. Her weight however had stayed the exact same since 3 months prior in March so over the summer we are tasked with trying to get Olivia to eat as much as she can during the day and increase her g-tube feeds overnight so that she can put on some weight before the fall and sick season is back in full swing.

Olivia saved up her money and allowance to buy a mermaid tail, thus every time the kids get a chance she's a swimming mermaid in the pool.

Landen celebrated his birthday in June and turned 10 years old. So hard for me to believe he is already 10! We headed to Wild Mountain waterpark for the afternoon and we all had a blast and then we grilled and had cake and presents to finish off his big day.

The following day, we went to pick up our new fur baby Sammy. We were all very excited to welcome her into our home. She's so sweet and adorable and absolutley a little terror as well! I had forgotten, apparently, how exhausting the puppy stage is with the potty training, and the biting and the chewing on everything. All in all, she's doing well but we are anxiously awaiting the day when the puppy biting ends!

We celebrated Father's Day with the a few homemade gifts for Jeff. The stories and drawings the kids made are priceless.

The last week of June the kids both did swimming lessons. Landen is a little fish in the water and on his last day swam 750 yards in his lesson. Olivia is doing really well also, she just needs to keep working on her endurance but that of course will come with practice and age. They are both excited to take another swim lesson course later this summer and/or fall.

We finished off June with a trip to the Strawberry patch. In no time at all, the kids had picked a box full of strawberries.

Over the 4th of July weekend we had some friends over for a campout and lots of motorized fun. The kids all enjoyed riding on the ATV's, the golf cart and dirtbiking. Olivia enjoyed hanging out with Birdie and was very caring and motherly toward her, it was very sweet to watch them play together. Landen of course was all about the motorized fun. A fun day was had by all and so fun to get together with friends.

Olivia and I began our 4th of July celebration by getting all dressed up and doing our makeup and nails. The kids spent the majority of the afternoon in the pool and then we had the Jass family over for a campfire and fireworks in the evening. Olivia and Makayla are penpals this summer and Olivia considers Makayla her best friend so it was great that the kids were able to get together and have fun. A new record for the latest the kids had ever stayed up was set that night as they didn't get to bed until about 1:30 am, but they did great and we all had a fun time and now more than ever, are anxiously awaiting and looking forward to the Oltmans' family camping trip where the kids can spend so much time playing with their cousins.

and here we are . . . already into July. Geesh, school is just around the bend, but until then, we will keep working hard to make the most of the rest of our summer. 

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