Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Updates, Golf and a Tooth Fairy story to make you smile!

I know I've said it before . . . that no news is good news but I'm not sure if it's actually that, or the fact that time keeps on whizzing by and before I can catch a breath, I realize too few pictures have been captured and it has been months since I've updated on Olivia.

My last update had us waiting on her culture result from her cf appointment. We received that back with good news that the klebsiella bacteria she cultured in December was gone with staph and normal flora showing up this time. Staph is not great, but given that there are far worse bacteria out there combined with the fact that Olivia consistently cultures it and stays asymptomatic for the most part, it's the best we can hope for.

Most of our time whizzes by with the day in and day out happenings; full days of school with evening activities and not a moment to spare inbetween.

In March, the kids had fun with leprechauns and rainbows as St. Patrick's Day is a favorite around here. The kids enjoyed a more "mature" scavenger hunt this year for their pots o' gold with brain
teasers to solve.

Lots of time has also been spent dirt biking by Jeff, Landen and Olivia. Both kids are getting a bit quicker and a bit more daring. Jeff has offered to get me a dirt bike, he did get me a moped to putz along with them which I do occasionally, but usually I choose to simply watch. I don't need another broken bone this summer! 


At the end of March, after many months of cold, we were able to have our first campfire of the season. This has become one of the kids' most loved activities of the spring, summer and fall around here so it was fun to finally be sitting around the campfire again.

In the beginning of April the kids and I had our spring break from school, and it was glorious. We were able to slow down a bit and enjoy just being not busy. The kids did some dirt biking, playing in dirt hills, learned to saw wood for the campfire and I was able to build Olivia a bookcase for her room that she has been wanting to house her books and store her trinkets in for quite some time. She loves it and I was thanked and hugged many times over and over for making it for her.

We spent one of our spring break days at Split Rocks, with pizza, bowling and the arcade. The kids had a blast and made out great in the arcade with treasures to bring home. It sure was hard to get back in the groove of school after a week off, but at least we have summer break to look forward to and the countdown is on for that! 

Split Rocks had a photo booth, so we took a few photos. It's about impossible to get a family of 4 in a shot, thus the reason Jeff's head is mostly MIA in the photos, but none-the-less, a first for both Landen and Olivia and a fun keepsake to have.
For Easter we traveled to Grandma and Grandpa's for the day to celebrate with Jeff's side of the family. It had been a long time since we'd been there so it was a super fun day and the kids loved playing with their cousins again. Both kids are now anxiously awaiting our family camping trip when they get to spend countless time with their cousins enjoying the sun and the sand.

We are also eagerly awaiting the addition of a new fur baby to our family after saying goodbye to one of my best friends, Shelby, nearly a year ago. We are hoping to get a lab puppy sometime this summer if everything all works out. The kids can't wait to have a puppy and experience the joy that it will bring. Even though most all of the work of having a puppy will fall on me, I'm just as excited. Aside from the "your daughter has cystic fibrosis" diagnosis, saying goodbye to Shelby was one of the most heartbreaking things I've experienced in my life. No dog can ever replace Shelby, but my heart has room to grow and the joy and unconditional love and friendship that a dog offers, no doubt will be welcomed by all 4 of us.

With May just around the bend, Landen has a tae kwon do tournament coming up that he is looking forward to. Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday since August, I sit in the parent section and watch him and he has really excelled and is doing a great job. He loves tkd and we love what he gets out of it along with the social interaction with other kids. I hope he is happy with the outcome of the tournament. Here is a photo of Landen at his last tkd test, where he had to break a board for the first time, I was impressed.

May 20th is the Dreams for Olivia golf event fundraiser. Jeff and I look forward to this yearly event and seeing many of our friends that we sure don't get to see often enough. It's always a good time and all for a great cause. Last year the weather was phenomenal and I hope that this year will deliver the same.

And on that note, I'll leave you with this Olivia story:

Yesterday, while Olivia was eating a caterbury egg, she had shoved the entire thing in her mouth and in the midst of it all her semi-loose tooth became very loose. All this while we were literally walking out the door for tkd! It was bothersome so I asked her if she wanted me to pull it out, she agreed and it came out quick with no pain. We quickly shoved it in the junk drawer and headed off to tkd.

Immediately upon our return back home Olivia dug the tooth out and ran it upstairs to tuck under her pillow. I of course, had forgotten all about it until Olivia reminded me at bedtime and I made sure she had it tucked safely under her pillow where it would be easily accessible by the tooth fairy without waking Olivia up. After binge watching a few episodes of Shameless (thanks to Uncle Mike for getting us hooked on this show😃) on Netflix and seeing the clock now read well past midnight, I proceeded to bed . . . and forgot all about the tooth.

This morning I woke up to two small voices. Landen saying, "Olivia, did the tooth fairy come?" I didn't hear Olivia's response but what followed from Landen was "What?!" Not even 10 seconds later Landen comes in bearing Olivia's tooth, in the baggie, with Olivia on his heels and proceeds to tell me that the tooth fairy didn't come. I quickly responded, "What?! Well tuck the tooth back under your pillow, maybe she'll come tonight." I felt awful and as I walked down to Olivia's room for an explanation I found her at her desk writing a note as Landen sat somberly waiting for her on the stairs of her bed. I told her, "You know what, maybe the tooth fairy didn't come because she couldn't fly in the rain, like Tinkerbell". As if a lightbulb had been turned on they both agreed that was plausible and smiles and light reappeared on their faces. I asked Olivia what she was doing and she handed me a note, I couldn't help but laugh. I told her that she had written a good note. She grabbed it from me, and said she had to sign it "June", her middle name as she couldn't fit Olivia on the paper. She then put it in the baggie with her tooth and tucked it back under her pillow.

The note . . . it's hilarious and 100% purely Olivia's attitude:

p.s. I hope the rain lets up and the tooth fairy can come tonight. She better bring something extra special. 😉

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