Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2017 CF Climb: Team Olivia - Polaris

This means something . . .

and this means something . . .

and they mean something very, very important and special . . .

to this little girl:

and to this family:

To her,

it means hope,

it means inspiration,

it lets her know that she is not alone in her battle against cystic fibrosis,

it lets her know that these people are supporting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in her honor to find a cure for this disease.

It lets her know that on days like this,

and this,

and this,

that she is not alone.

Thank you often doesn't seem at all sufficient to express our deep gratitude to all of you who raise money, donate and climb with us to support the mission of the CFF on their quest for a cure. Your generosity and time that you give to the CFF does not go unnoticed. Each year our team continues to grow, each year Olivia has new supporters that join our bandwagon, learn of her story and are inspired to help.

Each year we sit down and go over our team roster and we go through our list of donors and the unbelievable amount of money that our team raises and we express our deepest gratitude. Olivia is now 7, she is knowledgeable beyond her age.

These pictures:

and the list of donors that I have her read, means something.

She reads through the list, views our climb for a cure web pages and studies the pictures. She asks about each and every person that comes to the climb and has donated to support her. She knows who her supporters are. She knows of those people who have been with us since the beginning of the climb and who are doing all they can to provide monetary support to find her a cure.

I'm sure it'll be weeks from now and Olivia will still be asking me about the climb, recalling the events of the day, remembering all the faces in the crowd that were there for her. She'll remember the amazing fundraising that we had going on from our team members and the 50+ climbers on our team. She'll no doubt recount this event for a long time and she'll recall the pictures and faces of everyone that was there for her and all those who gave generous donations on her behalf.

I pray, everyday, that we don't have days like this:

or like this:

or like this,

for quite some time, but to those of you, and you all know who you are, to those of you that support us and the CFF, please know that if when days like this do arrive,

Olivia will be reminded that she needs to keep pushing, keep pressing and keep fighting with all she can to beat down the beast that is cystic fibrosis so that she can celebrate with all of you on the day that a cure for cf is no longer a hope or a dream, but a reality.

Thank You.

Two small words, said with the deepest appreciation and gratitude to all of you that supported us in the 2017 CF Climb. 

So, without further ado, Thank You:

Christy and Eric - for carrying on the yearly golf event fundraiser to raise money for the CFF and to everyone who attended the golf event in May which allowed us to gift $4,600 to the CFF for our 2017 CF Climb!

To our 2017 Climb for a Cure climbers:
Tim & Niki
Jim, Sheri, Christoper, Callie, Nahum & Sarah
Darci & Braelyn
Grandma Pam
Jeff D.
Jackie, Madison, Sydney & Zach
Em, Austin, Carter & Makayla
Amber, Emma, Mason & Matthew
Kyle & Lisa
Jeff O.
Charlie & Elise
Corey & Jen
Brad, Dylan, Karen and Kendall

Clark D - for implementing the Polaris Beard for A Cure benefiting the CFF. I wish I had a close-up picture of Clark and his question mark beard, but of course I always wish I had more pictures of the event and am always too busy running around to shoot them. His question mark was epic but I do have photos of these two studs: Jeff with his monkey tail and Cole as BATMAN.


This Just In: thanks to Cole for sharing this picture, here's Clark: the Polaris Beard for a Cure implementer, with his Question Mark:

Cole and the Rocky Mountain Climb crew for literally climbing a mountain for Olivia. Cole the video you put together and the no small feat that your climb is, clearly means more than you'll ever know. Olivia literally means it when she says that her friend Cole climbed a mountain for her and that she loves him!

And finally, to our generous donors. All of you who give to the CFF on behalf of Olivia for this event, it is because of you that we were once again the highest fundraising team for the 2017 CF Climb, 4 years running, raising over $21,000 for the CFF in this event! Thank You!

Each year, Olivia and I hand write thank you's to send out. We've been diligently working to get them finished up and will mail them out this week.

Again, thank you will never suffice to express our gratitude to all whom give to the CFF. Cystic Fibrosis is a "rare" disease and the funding needed for research to produce new medications, therapies and ultimately a cure is so important and to be able to raise the money that we do to support that mission is incredible.

Our hearts are full of gratitude to all of you who supported us in the 2017 CF Climb.

Friday, February 10, 2017

CF Climb - Rocky Mountain Edition 2.0

It's no secret, Cole is one of my favorites.

I mean just look at this photo, and you'll see what an awesome, hilarious and likable guy he is!

From the very first day I met him, when Jeff literally gave me about an 1 hour notice that he was bringing him home for dinner, messy house and all, Cole became an instant friend. He's one of the most likable guys, he's funny as all get out and Landen and Olivia love him. Cole is just an all around great guy and one that Jeff and I feel very fortunate to call a great friend. Every year, he continues to amaze us by his generosity and awesomeness!

Last year, Cole and Amy climbed a mountain in Colorado beings Cole's geographic location didn't allow him to do the IDS Climb with us. A donation to the CFF in lieu of being able to climb would have more than sufficed, but Cole decided to "Cole it up", go bigger and better and climb a mountain. He made a great video of him and Amy climbing and the feat that they tackled in honor of Olivia was beyond amazing. Olivia still talks about how her friends Cole and Amy climbed a mountain for her.

This year, in 2017, Cole, Amy and others are back . . . climbing a mountain to raise money for the CFF in honor of Olivia. The amount of money this crew raised is awesome, over $1000, and the mountain they climbed in the conditions that they did, is beyond imaginable for me, and yet something that I can understand poses dangers and is not an easy or quick climb. The time the Rocky Mountain crew dedicated to this climb is without a doubt a huge display of how gracious and giving they are. A big thanks to the entire Rocky Mountain Climb team 2.0, for your support of the 2017 CF Climb, for joining in the fight for a cure and for making a little girl feel on top of the world that she has friends in high places, willing to do what they can to make a cure for cf a reality for her and all those living with this disease.

Here's the video for the 2017 Rocky Mountain CF Climb 2.0 that Cole put together:

We have many things to be grateful for, both big and small and as Febraury rolls around with the climb, every year we are reminded that we are not alone in this fight, that we have many great friends and supporters that are treking this jouney along with us to bring this disease to a hault and cure it.

The kids and I strive to find gratitude in every day, today our hearts are overflowing as we are grateful for all of our CF climbers, all of our donors, Cole and the entire Colorado climbing crew. It is because of all of you that we continue to hold on to the hope that a cure for this disease will be found and that we are helping to fund the path to get there. For Olivia to see what others are willing to do to raise money to find her a cure, I have no doubt it gives her the strength and determination to continue to do all that she can in order to be around to be gifted it.

A very big thanks to everyone who supports the CFF, to everyone who is joining us in the 2017 CF Climb and to the Rocky Mountain Climb crew for climbing a mountain to cure CF.

Team Olivia-Polaris is crushing it and holding onto 1st place for the highest fundraising team for the MN climb and we are currently #3 in the nation! So very awesome! Thanks to everyone who joins us in this fight and stay tuned to next week's blog post for photos of the IDS climb, results, beard photos . . . lots of good stuff.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

2017 Climb for a Cure - See you Saturday!

The 36th Annual Minneapolis CF Climb & Run
Saturday, February 11th, 2017
9 am to noon

A few reminders for Team Olivia-Polaris:

1. We will meet in the Crystal Court of the IDS Tower a little before 10:00 am for a quick large group photo and a Team Polaris photo prior to climbing as a group. 

2. Climbers should check-in at the registration desk prior to climbing.

3. Landen and I will be climbing before the large group in order to be with Olivia while the team climbs. My mom and I will be available to help watch over Team Olivia-Polaris climbers' belongings during the climb for those who wish for us to do so.

3. The CFF has gone cashless: please turn any off-line cash donations into a check(s) before turning them in on Saturday morning.

4.  To all of our virutal climbers, registered climbers, (both near and far), and our donors, thank you for the continued support of the CFF. Jeff and I will fundraise with passion until a cure for CF is found and we could not be successful without the help from all of you. We are forever grateful and sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

5. Last but not least, please join us at Rock Bottom after the climb for our annual celebratory group get-together. 

Thank you for your support, we look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.

*To my dear friend and fellow cf mom Lindsey, on Saturday I will not only be climbing for Olivia and all those with CF, but also in honor of your mother. Blessed be the memory of Mary Wherry and her passion and dedication to finding a cure for Briley and all those with CF.