Monday, June 13, 2016

Last day of school . . . summer . . . Shelby

Well, we made it, summer vacation has finally arrived!

48 hours after her first day back to school from hospital discharge and picc line removal back in May, Olivia caught another cold. We were seriously ready to hang the towel up on school. Olivia was freaked out and kept telling us she didn't want to have to go back to the hospital so as a precaution she was home from school for yet another week and a half. I totally understand, she is a smart girl, she kept asking me how I knew she wouldn't end up back in the hospital and how I could be sure to which I told her I couldn't. That hospital stay did a number on her, rightfully so, and in turn she now gets that a cold for her is never really just a cold, it can escalate into so much more very quickly.

Finally, once the cold was gone and the morning came for her to head back to school she woke up in tears, terrified to go back and catch another sickness. I was so caught off guard, certain she would be ecstatic to go back to see her teacher and friends, but never-the-less, I kept her home another day. Throughout the day we talked about how we can't just skip school nor live in fear and the next day she headed back and was able to finish out her last week and a half of kindergarten.  For now, she's healthy and glad to be finished and officially a 1st grader. Who knows what next school year will bring . . . but that worry is for another day.

Landen finished 2nd grade with flying colors and will be starting a summer program later this week for "talented and gifted" students, (he clearly gets those smarts from his daddy)! This program will be good for him, keeps him off the devices and games all day. So hard to believe he will be in 3rd grade next year. Landen turns 9 this week, again, how did that happen?! So we will kick off summer with his birthday party.

                   First Day of School - September 2015         Last Day of School - June 2016

Both kids are doing swimming lessons this week, as I say, "you can't live in the land of 10,000 lakes and not know how to swim". We have our pool at home all set up and ready to enjoy and are looking forward to some fun camping trips this summer as well as just slowing down and being healthy. 

Last week was quite the week, I'm glad it's over. On Tuesday, our much loved yellow lab Shelby passed away. She's been going downhill for the past few years and was on borrowed time. Tuesday morning I woke up and Shelby could no longer walk, Jeff carried her down to the deck, I had the kids say goodbye to her before I dropped them off at school and when I returned she was shaking in pain, Jeff and I made the difficult but right choice to put her down. It was so hard, I loved that dog so much and prior to kids she was my baby. She was my constant companion, she brought me my engagement ring . . . she was so much more to me than a dog. Being a stay at home mom, it is very weird not having her here, not seeing her when I walk in the house . . . not having the routine of feeding her and taking her out. She was a great dog and will forever be missed. The kids had a very tough time with it too and miss her something terrible. Maybe someday we will get another puppy but these wounds need to heal first.

"If a picture is worth a 1,000 words", then here's a walk down memory lane - showing just how much she was loved:

I remember this day clearly, it was the day we picked Shelby out and it doesn't seem like it was 12 years ago.

This is one of my favorite photos of Shelby, those puppy teeth were so sharp!

She was my sleeping buddy from the very start.

My engagement ring was tied to her collar that she delivered to me, one of he happiest days of my life. To this day I still have that ring box with her chew marks on it.

Once a lap dog always a lap dog!

She loved our yearly camping trips, especially fetching a ball thrown from the dock.

When she was able, frisbee was an everyday past time.
My sleeping buddy.

She was naughty sometimes ;)

She loved and tolerated the kids as much as they loved her.

Sharing cheerios with Braelyn.

One tolerant dog!

This was Shelby a week before she passed.

Shelby's final resting place, she will forever be loved and missed dearly.

And if that wasn't enough for one week, on Friday I broke my arm helping my sister move, see if I ever get asked to help with that again! Never good timing but definitely not how I wanted to kick off summer. Oh well, could have been worse . . . I meet with ortho surgeon tomorrow to see what to do about it next . . . and since typing with 1 hand is near impossible, that's it for now.