Monday, July 20, 2015

Let's Rewind . . .

Okay, so time is seriously zipping by. Goodness, we are already over half way finished with summer (boo). Time never slows down, but it seems this summer has been all about go, go, go. So on that note, let's take a minute (or ten minutes) to rewind for a recap . . .

On Saturday, May 31st, was the 4th Dreams for Olivia golf event. My good friend Tyann, graciously hosted and put on this event again this year. Her goal was to raise $20,000 for the CFF in the 4 years since its inception and although we are still waiting on one last bill from the golf course, I can't believe they don't want to get paid sooner :) we are pretty sure we did just that. Since this event is pretty small in size, it's quite an impressive feat to have raised this much money and we couldn't be happier! So a huge thanks to everyone who golfed, everyone who attended, everyone who donated and everyone who joined us for a very fun day. Special thanks to Tyann for again hosting a day full of fun and enjoyment all for a super great cause!

Yep, this is how silly and fun the entire day is!

Next up was June, which brought about Jeff's birthday and the last day of school for Landen! Yippee! Everyone in our family was so excited for summer break. Landen had been counting down the days since there were 38 days of school left, he was so ready to be done . . . 

Landen finished 1st grade with flying colors. He did so well this year adjusting to school all day everyday, as compared to kindergarten, and venturing out of his comfort zone to become more social and make friends. By the end of the school year he had definitely grown taller and had lost a few more teeth! Landen said his favorite thing about 1st grade was math, perhaps we'll have another engineer in our family someday, to which I'm glad Jeff can help out in the math category!

Summer Break - Week 1

Cousin Braelyn came over during the weekdays for our first week of summer break. The kids enjoyed playing together and all 3 attended their first session of swimming lessons.

Summer Break - Week 2

To start the second week of summer off, on Monday, June 15th, Landen celebrated his 8th birthday. We headed down to Como Zoo and Como Town for the day. The kids enjoyed the animals and a few rides at the amusement park. We finished the day off with pizza, cake, presents and games at home. 

Tuesday was house cleaning day, not fun but needed. One of Jeff's co-workers and good friends joined us for dinner so a clean house was definitely in order.

Wednesday we headed up to the Brainerd Raceway for their Test and Tune races to watch daddy and Uncle Ryan race their Victory motorcycles.

Thursday was soccer night. Both kids decided on soccer for the summer this year. I ended up being the assistant coach for Olivia's team so I didn't get to see Landen play much. Olivia was indifferent to soccer for most of the season; Landen really enjoyed it and will continue to play for sure.

Olivia's Green Team
Landen's Team

Friday we headed down to the Back to the 50's car show. We got to visit with my family and my aunt and uncle who attend the show yearly.

After the show, we headed over to Surly, to enjoy a farewell drink for our friend Cole who is moving out of state. 

On Saturday, Jeff and I joined my sister Amber and her husband Ryan for the Patriot Motorcycle Ride. It was a good ride for a good cause. After the ride we headed to Red Lobster for an early supper and some refreshing beverages, courtesy of my dear friend Lindsey. It was wonderful to get out, just Jeff and I, and the food/drink was absolutely delicious!

Summer Break - Week 3

We started off our third week of summer by celebrating Father's Day. Unfortunately, duty called and it wasn't very relaxing. Jeff spent the majority of the day working on the mechanics of our motorhome, although he did take a break for gifts and chicken wings. 

On Wednesday we picked up Lusy, my sister and Braelyn's black lab puppy. While they were at Disneyworld, we watched their puppy. She was so much fun and so much work all at the same time. The kids enjoyed having her here and we all missed the little cutie when the week was over. 

On Saturday, some friends invited us to their lake place so we packed up and headed out for the day. Although their was much work to be done at home, it was nice to take a day off and relax. The kids got to play with their friend Courtney and they enjoyed swimming in the lake, until they literally couldn't swim anymore. We enjoyed a boat cruise around the lake, pizza for supper and drooling over how wonderful it would be to have a lake place of our own! 

Summer Break - Week 4

Week 4 was all about getting ready for our annual summer vacation with Jeff's family. Their was shopping to be done and a motorhome to pack. It was a busy week and we were go, go, going right up until we pulled out of the driveway Friday around noon. We so look forward to this trip every year. It is 9 days full of fun in the sun. The kids get to play with their cousins all week long, live in the lake as much as they want, swim and fish, it's pure bliss. We are always so happy when vacation is here and so sad when it's over. Each year it seems to go by quicker and quicker. Friday, July 3rd, we headed out around noon and our first stop was at Little Caesars for pizza in the camper. 

Our 4th of July was spent finally being able to sit down and relax at the lake. Jeff and I had been counting down the days til vacation when we could sit down with a cold drink in hand and slow down a bit. 

Happy 4th of July!

 The day was spent swimming . . .

and fishing . . . 

and topped off with a 4th of July fireworks display. It was a wonderful first full day of vacation and a great way to end week 4 of summer vacation. 

Summer Break - Week 5

Week 5 was spent on vacation, doing much of the same wonderful stuff. We fished, swam, enjoyed days spent at the sandbar, tubed, drank cocktails and enjoyed time spent with family. By far the best week of summer. 

Landen was quite the fisherman this year. He caught a 2 lb. 7 oz. bass off of the dock and couldn't have been happier. He is really getting into fishing and after he received a new fishing pole and his own tackle box and tackle for his birthday, he was so excited to try it out while camping. 

Both kids were fortunate enough to catch a walleye and northern each, thanks to the secrets of Uncle Mike's fishing hot spot. It was so fun watching them snag a few big fish; they were so excited. Landen had waited all week to catch something other than a sunfish or perch, he was definitely all smiles!

Landen and Olivia along with their cousins enjoyed tubing again this year. Olivia was fearless and willing to try each and every tube there was. 

Our faithful dog Shelby made it this year after a rocky road last year. Her age has definitely caught up with her but she did venture into the lake a few times to swim and play fetch. This has always been one of her favorite activities and although her hips protest, she kept on going until we made her stop. 

Of course being the little gamers that they are, Olivia and Landen made sure to take plenty of breaks to play games on their tablets. Thankfully, their cousins Makayla and Carter enjoyed taking game breaks too. Carter and Makayla also so sweetly never minded joining us on occasion in the motorhome for twice daily sessions of Olivia's treatments where Minecraft was always the game of choice.

Landen was courageous this year and decided he would try water skiing. He made it up and out of the water and although he was too scared to stand up and remained in the squatted position on the skis - we were so happy for him for accomplishing that.

That's a wrap on summer vacation 2015. It was so much fun and went by all to quickly. Can't wait to do it all again next year.

Summer Break - Week 6

Sunday we set out for home from the lake. As always, it's the worst part of vacation as we had to unpack the camper, clean the camper inside and out, wash the boat inside and out, do oodles and oodles of laundry and put everything away, all in about 100% humid weather. Bedtime didn't come soon enough, and although we would all have rather still been at the lake, sleeping in my own bed again sure felt nice!

Braelyn joined us for the week again as all 3 kids had their second round of swim lessons. Landen and Olivia have improved so much this summer at their swimming, the lessons are paying off! Landen is on Level 3, he's able to do the back crawl and front crawl now. After this level he will be on his own in the pool and the instructor will be out of the pool instructing him from the sidelines. Olivia has really become more comfortable in the water as well, she's currently in Level 2 and doing all she's supposed to do, she just needs to practice and get stronger in order to pass onto the next level. 

Thursday was our final night of soccer. Olivia decided on the last night during her last game that she loves soccer now, so she may or may not decide to continue with it. Landen still is fond of the sport and was sad to see it end for the season. Since he is enjoying it so much, I did enroll him in a week long soccer camp next week. 

On Saturday we headed over to my sister Amber's house for our yearly birthday celebration for all the kids on my side of the family. It was a beautiful day for a pool party and the food was amazing, hats off to Chef Ryan for that!

That's a wrap. 6 weeks of summer have come and gone. We have 6 weeks of summer left. In store yet Olivia and I have the 1D concert, Landen and Jeff are going on a fishing trip, soccer camp and we hope to do some more rving. We hope to make the most of each and every day of our summer break that remains before both Landen and Olivia head off to school. Yikes! To have both kids leave the nest all day everyday come September . . . way to crazy to think about yet.

Last but not least, a health update. Olivia has been doing well this summer. Like always there are ups and downs. She was doing really well with her eating by mouth and tolerance of the g-tube at night and had packed on quite a few pounds. As of late, even with cycles on and off of the periactin, her appetite by mouth has diminished some and her g-tube tolerance has been a bit of a hit or miss since vacation but so it goes. Overall she's been healthy and thankfully free of colds and illnesses so we continue to push on and do all that we can in terms of her weight gain. 

In the beginning of August, we will head back to CF clinic for her 3 month follow up. It will be a full day as she will endure the yearly test for CFRD (Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes) as well as have her annual studies (blood work, labs, chest x-ray and PFT's) completed. Thankfully, however we are able to get everything done in one long day. 

Until next time . . . enjoy the rest of your summer.