Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Only 12 more days until Christmas . . . and it can't come soon enough, mainly because the kids ask me everyday, "Is it Christmas yet?" and "Can we open our presents?", which lets be real, gets old fast. But, the other reason is because this year as the kids are older and understand more there is to know about life, our Advent Calendar this year has focused on Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas. Landen is so excited to first and foremost wish Jesus a Happy Birthday come Christmas morning and that makes me joyful. Just yesterday he asked if we were going to have a cake for Jesus' birthday to which I responded it's a surprise, but I love that our Advent activity for December 25th just so happens to be to wish Jesus a Happy Birthday and celebrate w/ cupcakes, I guess he and I think alike.

I love that the kids are willing to learn about faith and the Lord and understand that this is just a part of our journey and that regardless of our life here, we will live eternally with Jesus in heaven. Having a child with a chronic disease and a 6 year old who is beginning to ask more questions about it, I want them to know that death doesn't bring the end, but the beginning of a whole new life with Jesus. Of course I wish for us all to live a long life here together but I also know that for anyone of us, regardless of a disease or not, each day could be our last, so I want them to learn to live each day to its fullest and never be afraid for what tomorrow may or may not bring.

As all of our Christmas gifts are bought, most are wrapped, with a few yet to arrive by mail (love shopping amazon prime!), the ground is covered in snow and the joy of Olivia serenading me with Christmas carols daily, I am definitely in the Christmas spirit. The kids are too, they have enjoyed donating their old toys to charities and giving new toys to programs for other children. The selflessness they can display makes it that much more special for them to receive new toys on Christmas morning. Of course Olivia's wish is for another trip to Disneyworld, which I tell her will happen again someday, so she decided instead to ask Santa for a princess toy and Landen asked for a lego set. I told them they could each ask for one thing from Santa and that was it. Luckily this year, Santa was able to find the requested toys so the kids should be elated come Christmas morning. Santa even found Disney Princess and Angry Birds wrapping paper so the kids will be able to easily distinguish which gift is theirs - Nailed It! My favorite part of Christmas is the joy of watching the kids on Christmas morning and the memories made, so excited for that.

As the year dwindles to an end, I can't complain a bit. We had a great year, we were fortunate to do many fun things, and despite all CF throws at Olivia everyday, she's doing well. Landen is growing up more and more each day and we are all surviving kindergarten and the newness of having him be exposed to so many kids everyday. It's been a year of trials, triumphs and of course learning as we go. Happy Holidays!