Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Halloween & November Clinic visit

So much to update, so little time, things never seem to slow down around here and there is always something that needed to be done yesterday it seems . . . such is life.

Anyway, a recap of Halloween. The kids had seriously been looking forward to Halloween for so very long. In fact, Landen and Olivia had picked out their Halloween costumes last spring when they were on clearance. I was a little leery about letting them choose them so early knowing how quickly the likes and dislikes of a 4 and 6 year old can change but at such a deep discount, I figured it was worth the risk. So last year, when Landen decided he wanted to be an Angry Bird and Olivia chose to be Ariel I figured we'd be pretty safe with their choices, given those had been some of their favorite characters for quite some time.

The weekend before Halloween, we had our annual Halloween party, just the 4 of us. The kids loved it, they dressed up in their costumes, we had spooky Halloween food and treats for lunch accompanied by the Monster Mash. We all wore a costume, including Shelby our "skeledog". Jeff was Dexter Morgan from the tv series Dexter and I was a LA Ink pin-up girl. (Jeff and I had a costume party to go to later that night where we dressed up as Dexter and his victim. We love the tv show Dexter and after doing some Googling of couple costumes thought this would be fun - it was and our costumes were definitely the talk of the party).

Dexter & Victim Couples Costume
Our Dexter costumes: Jeff as Dexter and I as the victim Dexter style (wrapped in plastic, knife stabbed into my torso and the cheek cut for Dexter's blood slide)

Both Landen and Olivia were super excited a week later when they got to put on their costumes again and head down to Polaris for trick-or-treating and lunch with Daddy. They always get a lot of candy from this and it's all inside which was super nice due to the rainy, cold and dreary day we had here.

Next up Landen had school and then afterward we headed over to Aunt Em's and Uncle Mike's so that the kids could trick-or-treat again this year with their cousins Austin, Carter & Makayla. They had so much fun despite the icky weather and scored a lot of treats in their candy bags. I loved seeing Olivia run down the street after Landen and her cousins with her monstrosity of a wig flopping behind her. It was so sweet. Seriously though, that wig used to be nice but after repeated use of it daily during the month of October as Olivia continued to dress up as Ariel, it had definitely seen it's better day and was beyond any help by Halloween night. Olivia however, didn't mind one bit and it was still effective for her Ariel costume.

Happy Halloween 2013!

Last Monday, we had Olivia's follow up visit at CF clinic. All in all it was a good appointment, she didn't gain but a mere few ounces from 3 months ago but given all the illnesses she's had and the weight lost encountered as a result, everyone was satisfied that she had bounced back to where she was at and was pretty much holding steady in the weight category. She did grow a bit taller and even with the lack of weight gain and her increase in height, her BMI was still in the 36th percentile. Given that she wasn't even on the charts at one point for her BMI because it was so low, I'd say we are definitely on the right track and she's doing pretty darn good. Of course we will now wait for her sputum culture results and pray that they come back okay. Aside from that we will keep on doing what we have been doing and return in 3 months.

We did find out at clinic that our dietitian is retiring. This made me tear up big time. Kathy, our wonderful dietitian has been with us since the beginning of this journey and because Olivia's weight has always been her biggest struggle, she is the one person at clinic that I see and talk to the most often. In fact, for the past 2 years I have been talking to her or emailing her weekly as we keep a watchful eye on Olivia's weight and make adjustments when needed, pulling out all of our tricks to get Olivia to gain weight as best we can. She's the one person who cheers with me every week when Olivia is heading in the right direction or offers encouragement and support when the scale isn't in her favor. Truth be told, our team at clinic is more like family than medical providers and we certainly see them more often than we do some of our family. They are all like an extended family really, there to help, support and watch Olivia grow and do everything in her best interest to give her the best outlook possible, just like we are. Yes, Kathy will surely be missed at clinic and I will definitely miss my weekly correspondences with her but of course I gave her a big hug, or two and as we both teared up and said our goodbyes, I could do nothing but thank her for everything she's done for us and wish her all the best. Her replacement will definitely have some big shoes to fill.

That's it for now, next up is Thanksgiving and the kids have been very busy making turkeys and hanging up other Thanksgiving decor to spruce up the house. Now off to the kids and the never ending to do list of all things that I should have done yesterday, last week . . .