Friday, March 29, 2013

Golfing . . . Baskets . . . updates - oh my!

Everything is coming together for the Dreams for Olivia event and we are beyond thrilled! I just spoke with Tyann this morning and the golf spots are filling up fast and we may have already reached our golf capacity - Yea! We've received some truly remarkable donations for the silent auction as well - with more coming in each week. I've been in contact with the local CF Chapter as this event is replacing Great Strides and they again express their gratitude for all we do and were able to give them last year and are anxious to hear of the success we have again this year. This year is going to be fun - and that seems unreal because last year was a lot of fun - just ask my hubby!

So with the event just a little more than 6 weeks away now, my sister Darci and I have been busy brainstorming and coming up with basket ideas to make up and we had a lot of fun over the past few days shopping and putting some of our ideas together! I love doing anything crafty so whenever I get the chance I jump right in so this has been a lot of fun for me!

Below are a few of the baskets that we have made up. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on who you ask, Darci doesn't know when to quit! While we were shopping she kept coming up with more ideas and in turn kept filling up her cart! So we have already been able to put together quite a few baskets and realize we have 'extras' in need of purchase. We sincerely appreciate those of you who have agreed to purchase baskets from us to put up for bid at the silent auction to support the CFF. So for anyone who would  love to donate an item to the auction but doesn't want to have to come up with an idea or put a basket together, we've got you covered - you can purchase an already assembled basket from Darci and I - email me if you are interested.

We are hoping to have an even more successful silent auction at the Dreams For Olivia event this year than last year and hope that we have many bidders with generous pocketbooks!
For all you Scentsy lovers or anyone new to Scentsy - this 'I love Scentsy Basket' is for you! Authentic Scentsy midsize warmer, plug-in warmer and 3 'summer' scent packs all packaged together in a Scentsy Stratta vase. This item will be a great opportunity to snag some Scentsy products at a great price!
Donated By: my sister Darci.

For the Lego Lover in your life, this 'Lego City Basket' is sure to be a hit. This item features Lego City Lego construction sets #4433, #4436 & #6000.
Donated by: cousin Braelyn (with the help of Darci's pocketbook)

The inspiration for this basket comes after a magical trip to Disney World and a 3 year old daughter who now loves all things princesses! The 'Little Princess Basket' is full of Disney Princess items for that sweet little girl who loves the Disney Princesses. 
Donated By: Bridget & Jeff Oltmans - in honor of our "little princess"

The 'Knitty Kitchen Basket' is pretty darn special. This kitchen dishcloth cake is constructed of 19 hand knit dish cloths from the loving knitting needles of Barbara O. and her knitting group. Barbara has worked in the medical field with CF patients and was introduced to our blog by a family friend. When she stumbled across the knitting fundraiser that I had started in honor of Olivia to support the CFF, she and her knitting group got out their needles and began knitting wash cloths to donate. So I am beyond proud and blessed to have constructed this 'cake' out of wash cloths knitted by some very kind souls who put in the time and talent to create these in honor of Olivia. One thing is for sure - if you win this basket you won't need to invest in any other kitchen wash cloths for a very long time!
Donated By: Barbara O. and her knitting group

The 'Scentsy Vase and Scents' is a floral arrangement placed in an authentic Scentsy Stratta vase with a 3-pack of scents from the Scentsy Favorites Line. 
Donated By: Anissa Lightner

We also have 2 very cool baskets sponsored by Tyann Marcy that we are still in the process of making extra special so be sure to look for them (and place your bids) on May 11th at the silent auction.

The following two baskets are all put together and ready to go to the silent auction - all they need is someone to purchase them! This is the result of Aunt Darci's over indulgence so if anyone is interested in donating either of these baskets to the auction, you can purchase them from us and we will bring them to the auction for you. Email me if interested.

'A day at the Beach Basket' has the makings for a fun filled day of enjoying the sun, sand and water. Items included in this basket: over sized beach bag with a swim suit pouch, 2 insulated cups, 2 beach towels, inflatable beach ball, inflatable ring and an issue of HGTV magazine. Purchase price: $40.
UPDATE: Donated By: Dianne Fiala - Thanks mom for purchasing this one!

A 'Garden in Bloom basket' is ideal for the garden enthusiast. Items include: garden caddy for carrying and organizing tools, flower pot, 2 pairs of gardening gloves, garden shovel, tomato pick, 4 packs of garden seeds, snipers, garden hose nozzle, and a kneeling knee pad. Purchase price: $55

We honestly had and are having so much fun making up these baskets so if anyone else is interested in purchasing a basket that we will make up for you, just shoot me an email and let me know a theme and your purchase price ($25 to $100) and we will be more than happy to make them for you to donate to the silent auction. Here are a few of the awesome ideas for baskets that we are just itching to make up:
  • Redbox Movie Night Basket 
  • Manicure/Spa Basket
  • Kids Arts & Crafts Basket
  • Kitchen/Baking Basket
  • Camping/Outdoor Basket
  • Fishing Basket
  • Wine Basket
  • Grilling Basket
  • Coffee Lover's Basket
  • Tea Lover's Basket
  • Cat or Dog Lover's Basket
  • Boy Kids themed basket  
  • Girl Kids themed basket
Thanks to all of you who have signed up to golf - we will see you in May! Thank you to those who are unable to attend who have already donated items to the silent auction and/or purchased a basket to donate. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dreams For Olivia - Event Details

Below are details for the 2nd Annual Dreams for Olivia Golf Outing benefiting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in honor of Olivia. This event is being hosted once again in Windom, MN and being put on by some very gracious friends, Tyann, Hilary and AJ. Activities for the day include a golf tournament, meal, silent auction and evening entertainment:

"We are excited to announce our 2nd Annual “Dreams for Olivia” golf outing. This year we are hosting the event on Saturday, May 11th, which is Mother’s Day weekend, so hopefully for all of you that live out of town this will be more convenient for you to come home to Windom. 

This year’s entry fee is $35/person which includes the fee for the golf tournament, a two meat buffet meal at PJ’s in Bingham Lake along with night entertainment provided by IV Play band also at PJ’s. The Golf Tournament is four person best ball, we will have a prize for the best team score, along with individual prizes for holes 3 & 7. We are ONLY able to hold 72 people for the golf outing again this year. Times for the event are as follows:
  • Registration starts at 2 pm at the Windom Country Club
  • 3 pm is the Shotgun start for the Tournament
  • 7:30 pm is the meal out at PJ’s II in Bingham Lake
  • 9:00 pm to 1:00 am is the band IV Play at PJ’s 
EVERYONE that is unable to golf or doesn't wish to we encourage to come out to the party at PJ’s. We are accepting hole sponsorships in the amount of $100 and also items for the silent auction. If any of you or your businesses would like to donate items or money please contact Bridget Oltmans at

Thanks so much for the support can’t wait to see all of you on May 11th!
Also “Like” Dreams for Olivia Support for a Cure on Facebook to get updates!"

*In an effort to protect AJ, Hilary and Tyann's contact information from spam, please contact me via the email address listed above for more information and I will get you in contact with the correct person for signing up to golf and/or sponsoring holes. 

If you would like to make a monetary donation to the event or donate an item to the silent auction please let me know, we appreciate your graciousness and donations to this event. My sister and I will also be working on making up baskets for bidding so if you would like to donate an item but don't want to make it up, you can sponsor a basket that we will make up for you. Please contact me and let me know what theme basket you want and the price you would like to donate toward it. Examples of themes we would be very happy to make up for your sponsorship include but are not limited to any of the following: 
  • Wine Basket
  • Simple Stuff Basket (a basket of Enspired's line of Simple Stuff)
  • Mother's Day Basket 
  • Kid's Baskets (Gender specific toys, art supplies, etc for little ones)
  • Sports themed basket
  • Redbox Movie Basket
Thank you to everyone who puts in the hard work and dedication to make this event happen. Thank you to all of our friends and family who support us through this event through your participation and donations and a big thank you to everyone who makes this event successful in supporting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in honor of Olivia.

As my life changed forever the day I became a mom and once again the day we learned of Olivia's diagnosis of CF, I personally cannot think of a better way to celebrate Mother's Day for me than spending a weekend surrounded by people who are working towards the best gift ever, a cure for CF. From the bottoms of our hearts - thank you! 

Help us make this a Mother's Day to remember. We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday, May 11th, 2013.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Guidelines & Great Strides

Today I along with anyone else who's signed up to receive emails from the CFF, received an email with new  infection prevention guidelines put out by the CFF. This past fall I had heard snip-its about the guidelines changing while attending a CF education day but I must say, seeing these words in print stare me in the face today was an eye opener. Here are the new guidelines put out by the CFF:

"The health and well-being of people with CF is our topmost concern - it is at the heart of all we do. We have long had infection control guidelines in place to promote the safety of people with CF. With this new policy, we are acting proactively and immediately to reduce the risk of cross-infection among people with CF.

The key elements of the Foundation's new policy are:

  • At any CF Foundation-sponsored indoor event or meeting, including gatherings like committee meetings, only one person with CF may be present and he or she will be designated in close consultation with event chairs and key event volunteers.
  • At Foundation-sponsored outdoor events or gatherings, all people with CF need to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from each other.
  • Under no circumstances shall individuals who have ever had a confirme positive sputum culture for Burkholderia cepacia (B. cepacia) complex attend any CF Foundation events, meetings or offices."

Last fall at an indoor CF education conference I attended in a hotel meeting room there was a large number of guest speakers, panelists and attendees there with CF, certainly a lot more than just one. At any of the CF fundraising events we attend, especially the Great Strides walk, there are numerous people with CF in attendance. Yes this particular event is outside, but when everyone is huddled together, listening to the guest speaker, or checking in for the walk how do we insure that anyone with CF is 6 feet away from Olivia? We all know that there are very nasty bacteria out there, we all know that cross-contamination of these icky bugs is real. Our family already takes infection control measures to the extreme. We know how important it is to keep Olivia healthy, we know how even a "simple cold" can and does take a toll on her. We already avoid big gatherings and germy places as much as possible. We already try to live in a bubble while all at the same time continue to live and enjoy life and not let CF dictate every little decision we make. I have many CF mama friends out there in the virtual world, there are so many little kids out there with CF, that I know Olivia would be good friends with too if it were possible. I can only imagine the bond these children could share if they could get together as they share the same struggles and hardships, but we are not granted this luxury. We are not fortunate enough to go on playdates with these family's, to have our children do a sleepover and be able to do their treatments together, this was all reiterated today. CF is a disease where we often feel very much alone, we do not know anyone else in our community who has this disease, we do not get together with others who have CF. Thankfully through blogs and social media we feel less isolated and can be "friends", share stories, lessons and offer advice with others trekking a journey similar to ours, I am beyond grateful for that.

At a time when things are so hopeful for CF, when a cure is lurking on the horizon, when we know we are so close to breaking down all the walls that are in front of us, it is very disheartening to be hit with stricter guidelines and further social isolation. So as we are all reminded once again today about the severity of this disease, the dangers of germs and bacteria and the fear of it all, I am also reminded that our fight is not over yet, our battle has not been won so we must continue to fight like hell to beat this beast.

So we pick ourselves up, we brush off the dust, put on our full combat gear and continue to push forward, continue to fundraise and advocate for the CFF. We will continue to raise money for the CFF to fund that cure so that in the days, months and years to come, we will not be sent into further isolation to protect our children but rather be able to set them free without the fears that have been instilled further in us today. A cure is out there, freedom from this beast of a disease is within reach, we must continue to fight with all we have to find it.

Thank you to everyone who supported us in the 2013 Climb for a Cure. As I received this email this morning I am beyond thankful that it came today rather than last month. I am thankful that Olivia was able to attend this event this year, to see everyone who is fighting for her and supporting us along the way and that we have the photos and memories to prove it, because going forward as we adhere to these stricter guidelines, she will more than likely not be attending the Climb for a Cure, as she won't be the 1 person with CF in attendance at this event. Having just finished up our most successful CF event ever in the 2013 climb, we have decided that from here on out we will be focusing on two main events to support the CFF. Each year going forward, provided all things go well, we will be doing the Climb for a Cure in the winter as our big CFF event and in the spring we will be doing the Dreams For Olivia event in Windom, MN. These are 2 big events that we enjoy doing and that are successful for us and our team.

Time is precious and a gift, it is the most important life lesson CF has instilled in us, one that we fully understand and appreciate. Fundraising takes a lot of time and work and we bust our butts to do it each and every year in every event we partake in. With that being said we are not giving up, we are not throwing in the towel, we are choosing to refocus our efforts and as we go forward we will fight with all we have to raise money for a cure for our daughter in these 2 large events and will no longer be participating in the Great Strides walk. So thanks again to everyone who supports us, who fights with us to find the cure. Great Strides walks are all around the country so anyone still interested in doing the walk rather than joining us in these other 2 events I would encourage you to find a walk close to you and participate in it and/or plan to join us for our next event, Dreams For Olivia coming up on May 11th. Anyone who had planned on donating to our team for Great Strides, can still donate to the CFF in honor of Team Olivia by doing so through our 2013 Climb for a Cure event, for which donations will be taken until the end of the year. For more information on the Dreams for Olivia event, you can contact me.

*There is no new update to report on Olivia and our food/weight struggles. Things are currently no better or no worse. We've decided to let her steer the horse and choose what and when to eat, at least for now and will see what happens over the coming days/weeks. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Defeated . . . again.

I sit here in tears with shaky hands and I am full of feelings of complete and utter defeat and hopelessness. I. Am. Exhausted. Living in a world where you hear so much about childhood obesity and one where it takes a lot of work and time to find foods high in calories and fat anymore as a result is purely frustrating. Hearing and seeing other children actually eat and drink during meals and snacks without any bribing or persuading is maddening. Right now I absolute hate food , snacks and meals and I would literally rather starve than put myself through one more torturous mealtime. The most frustrating thing in my life for almost 3 years now has been the constant food struggles with Olivia, the countless hours spent at the table, bribing, offering incentives, offering any food possible along with praise and encouragement - and for what? I shutter at the thought of how many hours and days of my life have been spent struggling with mealtimes and snacks. I am tired of it and right now I am ready to give up.

Without a doubt, I love and I care so very much about Olivia and always strive to do what is best for her and I try so darn hard to get her to eat and drink and take in enough calories and fats every single day with the sheer hope of having her gain some weight. Being a stay at home mother, this is mostly my struggle, it is so much of my burden and it is probably my biggest task every single day and so many days it feels completely thankless. Yes, there have been good times over the past 3 years, meals where she has eaten well and months where she has had an "acceptable weight gain" but they are so far outnumbered by the poor times that they are easily forgotten. For the past 2 years we have been threatened with a feeding tube and yes, I do mean threatened. It's always an ultimatum  "if she doesn't gain enough weight over the next 3 months we'll have to look into a g-tube" or "a feeding tube is very likely in her future". Never once has it been approached as a "good thing" something to help her thrive, it's always perceived and brought up as a last ditch effort, feeling like it will be the result of failure. But right now I am ready for it because I cannot do this anymore. It is out of my control and despite all of my hard work and effort - Olivia just isn't able to keep up. I feel as if this weight struggle is one that CF is not going to let me win . . . ever.

I try. I try so very hard every single day of my life to get her to eat and right now I just want to be done. I want the headache and heartache of it all to go away. Over the past 3 months, for all the time we spent getting her to eat along with the periactin she did well and gained almost 3 lbs in 3 months. Now she is back down to less than what she weighed over a month ago and thanks to her current illness and lack of appetite I am sure we are much lower than that. I will not bring myself to weigh her, I know the results will be grim and I am not going to put myself through that. I know when she's sick she doesn't feel good, I know she doesn't want to eat fatty foods, I get it but that doesn't sit well with me at all. I know that every day that she doesn't eat much, she is losing weight and this kid has no reserve on her at all, she cannot afford to lose. Add that to the fact that we are back to the starting point, all the ground that was gained is now lost and we have to start all over to get her to gain and makeup for the weight she has lost. Someone please tell me how in the world are we ever supposed to catch up, to ever get her to the "ideal weight" when we never can get ahead of the game?

So yes, I am defeated, I am sad, and I am mad, so many things. This disease is a beast, it is so hard day in and day out and so many times now over the past 3 years it has gone this way where things are going good where CF isn't so ugly and then WHAM, you are kicked right back down.

There are no helpful suggestions, there are no helpful recipes, nothing, she just won't eat like she should to be able to combat the absorption of CF. All the foods high in fats and calories turn her off and her list of likes changes constantly. I get it, she's a toddler, it's a hard stage, blah, blah but it shouldn't be this hard. We can't even get her to eat fruit snacks, or candy, any of that junk food that what kid doesn't love, let alone healthy foods. I can literally probably name the foods that she "likes" on one hand. She is so picky, she doesn't eat enough, her appetite is p-poor, cf is winning this food fight and her poor little body cannot keep up with its demands.

So, I am done yelling, I am done fighting and begging her. I will still try like hell to get her to eat to a point but she needs to meet me a part of the way and if that doesn't work, bring on our "last resort", bring on the feeding tube because the toll these food struggles are taking on me, my family, Olivia and my son are so not worth it anymore. The moments of life wasted at the dinner table, that could be much better spent doing other things are no more. I'm done with it all. Either it'll work without all the struggles or it won't and if not, I am not going to waste anymore time with it. Life is too short, there is another option, albeit one I don't really want, but this has gone on long enough this is one battle against cf we just aren't able to win right now, something needs to change because this isn't working. Our May clinic should prove to be an interesting one.

Friday, March 1, 2013


After spending a week away from the internet world I settled down on the couch yesterday morning with the intent of posting a blog about our Disney trip. Once I logged into blogger and began to read through my fellow CF mom blog updates over the past week, my heart hurt. On Monday a little 2.5 year old boy who underwent a procedure to address complications with cystic fibrosis, lost his battle. My heart feels heavy because I cannot even begin to imagine what his mother, father and 4 year old sister are going through.  This little guy was younger than Olivia and his sister was a year younger than Landen. When I look through the "what if" lens and relate it to our journey with CF, it sends me into a whirlwind of emotions. I am reminded that CF is a beast, a chronic disease that wants to rob my daughter of her life. I am again made aware that life is a gift, we aren't promised a tomorrow, we need to enjoy the moments we have right here, right now and I am blessed and thankful that we did just that over the past week and a half. While it doesn't seem quite right to relish in the joy we have just experienced in our lives when others are going through unimaginable things in theirs, at the same time I believe it is only fair to Olivia. Her journey is worth sharing, family and friends are waiting for an update so as I say a prayer for this family, I also will share the joy my daughter, my fighter and my hero just experienced on the trip of a lifetime.

Disney World truly is one of the most magical places on earth. This past Christmas our family along with Jeff's sisters received the most memorable Christmas gift ever from Grandpa George and Grandma Pam - a trip to Disney World! In all of my 32 years, this was my very first trip to Disney and I honestly had just as much fun as Landen and Olivia. The everlasting memories we created during our week at Disney will by far, forever be some of those that I most cherish. To see the pure amazement and excitement on both Landen and Olivia's faces was priceless. To be able to experience with them all the joy and fun of being swept away in a magical land was unforgettable. To get to spend precious time with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Emily, Aunt Jennie and all their cousins in this amazing place was pure glory and the best part - to actually get to do one of those things that can be put on the infamous "to do list" only to never be done. It was magical.

I was so amazed that once we arrived on the Disney property everything truly did feel like you were in a whole different place. The grass was greener, the flowers were prettier . . . everything really was magical, as cliche as that sounds. The week there went by so quickly, we really could have stayed for another but we ran nonstop to fit in as much as we could and made the most out of every minute we were there.

This trip was huge for us. Much of our lives over the past 3 years have been spent in lock down mode to avoid germs, sicknesses and anything else nasty that could harm Olivia, especially during fall and winter. So for us to travel so far from home, on a germy airplane, in flu season, was a big deal and even though it was stressful at times, we wouldn't have missed it for anything. As we rang in 2013, I vowed to do some of those impulse things that so often never get done or are pushed away for another day. To venture out of our comfort zone and actually take a risk, push fear aside and live life. Live in the now, enjoy the present and not worry about the future or the what if's of tomorrow and I am beyond thankful that we had this amazing opportunity. I feel beyond blessed that we survived the plane ride without a meltdown, as it was the most stressful part. Locked in the confines of a small space with so many people hacking and coughing was definitely out of our comfort level, but knock on wood, we all survived the trip down and hopefully the trip back as well without getting sick. Venturing into the Disney parks with globs of people - again stressful, but we did it. On this trip, we made the most of it, we really did. We pushed fear aside as much as possible while still doing everything we could and had control over to keep us all healthy, especially Olivia. Aside from getting in 2 treatments/day for Olivia and making sure she got all her meds, CF was not at the front of our minds as it is every single other day of our lives, that in itself was amazing and a dream come true. So as Olivia and Landen continue to badger me with questions about the trip, asking me when we can go back, where is our rental car, when can we go swimming and to the beach . . . the list goes on and on, I just put a smile on my face, relish in the memories and stories with them and answer, someday, because we will go back someday soon, it was too magical of a place to not do it again.

Landen & Olivia with their cousins Austin, Alexis, Aleah, Makayla and Carter at the airport bright and early ready to fly away to warmer weather.

This is how we roll . . . clorox wiped seats, trays and armrests and masked faces to protect them from the coughs and sneezes on the plane. 

Our first night there we all ate at T-REX cafe in Downtown Disney. It was by far my most favorite restaurant of the week and Landen's too, who's love for all things dinosaurs continues. It was a great start to our vacation.
The inside of T-REX cafe was as cool as the outside. Landen's smile says it all - he was loving it.

Our first day at Magic Kingdom we found this cute white kitty, Marie from the Aristocats, and had to get a photo with her. Olivia's one true love even after 2+ years is her white kitty so a photo with her was the perfect start to our magical day!

Olivia was really excited to meet the princesses, she had been practicing up on knowing all of their names before we left and thankfully we were able to find a few to get a photo with. She loved meeting Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Rapunzel. She also wanted to meet Ariel but it was 10:30 pm by the time we got to Ariel's Grotto and the wait time was still 30 minutes so we decided it wasn't worth that long of a wait and settled for going on the Little Mermaid ride instead. Now that we are back home she continues to tell us that "Ariel's not here yet", so in retrospect, we obviously should have waited the 30 minutes to meet her. I guess meeting Ariel will have to be at the forefront of our to-do list for our next trip to Disney!

Here's our entire gang - all 13 of us with Snow White at Epcot. We loved getting to spend time with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts Emily and Jennie and all the kids while at Disney World. It made the trip that much more memorable.

A family photo op with Goofy. 

We spotted Donald Duck at Epcot in the Mexico culture area on the World Showcase tour and snagged another photo op with a character.

Landen absolutely loves Angry Birds and enjoys playing the Angry Birds Star Wars game. So when he saw this r2d2 hat he had to have it. He calls it his "Angry Birds Star Wars hat", even though it has absolutely nothing to do with Angry Birds.

This is at Magic Kingdom in the evening after the fireworks display. The castle changes colors continuously and we had to get a picture of it while it was a pinkish purple, Olivia's absolute favorite color. The fireworks were phenomenal and the entire program was called "Wishes". As I watched the fireworks, Tinkerbell flying across the sky and listened to Jiminy Cricket talk about wishes coming true - I know for a fact that I was not the only one making a wish for a cure that night. 

We spent a day at Sea World and it was another one of my favorites. I'm pretty sure I even had tears in my eyes watching the Shamu show, just because it was so amazing to be there with our kids and family experiencing the trip of a lifetime.

Another family photo op, this time at Sea World. The kids really enjoyed the kiddie rides, especially the Shamu Express roller coaster, which we were able to go on a couple of times thanks to a minimal to no wait time. 


We spent one of our days at the beach on the gulf side. The weather was in the low 80's and although cool, the water was perfect. The kids loved bouncing around in the waves and we collected a ton of seashells. We really lucked out with perfect weather for a beach day in February in Florida. After all the running we did at the parks, taking a day to relax in the warmth and sunshine on the ocean shore was perfect. The last time I was at the ocean was almost 8 years ago now when I was lucky enough to marry the love of my life. The white sands and blue-green ocean water reminded me of that perfect day and it sure doesn't seem possible that it's been almost 8 years ago already.

A very nice St. Pete's patron was willing to take a family photo of our beach day. This was Landen and Olivia's first trip to the ocean - unforgettable. Landen has been asking ever since if we can live by the ocean . . . wouldn't that be nice.

Here is the infamous white kitty. She's been around for a few years now and is Olivia's absolute favorite thing in the world. White Kitty goes everywhere with us so Jeff had a very good idea to get some photos of White Kitty at the beach. So here is kitty's photo op. Olivia smiles every time she sees these photos. 

Our last day of the trip was spent at Animal Kingdom. Landen had really been looking forward to the Dinosaur ride. Actually, it was quite terrifying for the kids, Landen said he was scared midway through and Olivia was slightly crying by the end but afterwards they were fine. After the initial fear of it Landen loved it and had to get a souvenir shirt to bring home and wear to school yesterday. 

And that about sums it up, so many more fantastic memories and photos but this will have to do for one day. Perhaps I'll post another Disney update after I muddle through more of our photos.